Have you forgotten the lessons from an important mentor?

I wasn’t a super young professional but my time with Olga was my first non-profit Executive Director position of an organization that worked with students of color who wanted to get into the business world.  I had spent 10+ in corporate life and felt I had an inside perspective that I could share with the students.

But I would soon learn that understanding what the students cared and were worried about would be more important than any tips I had on how to navigate corporate life.  “It’s not about you mija…it’s about them”.

She also taught me the politics of the nonprofit sector and how always working under-resourced was/is the way of life in this sector.

I was used to having all sorts of resources when I worked for the corporate consulting firm or the bank. Setting priorities on where to spend limited monies was challenging. She guided me by asking…where will you have the most impact with the students?  “It’s not about you mija…it’s about them.”

At the event, I gave Olga a big heartfelt hug and felt the gratitude in my tears.  I will not lose connection with her as she is on her way to retirement and changing the world like she always has. Que bueno! (How wonderful)

Is there a forgotten mentor that you need to reach out to and say – thank you.  I bet they would be delighted to hear from you and it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate those whose shoulders we have stood on to get us where we are now.

Olga June 2017.jpg