Soul Coaching

Mosaic coaches blend practical, on the ground experiences with coaching techniques from business, public benefit, and life coaching realms.  At the core of our coaching philosophy is the additional understanding that any goal-setting, accountability, or tactical planning is wasted without true clarity of purpose. 

Amari Romero-Thomas, our Principal Consultant and Coach, is certified as an Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner.  Soul Coaching is more than just Executive or Life coaching.  It is grounded in spiritual (not religious) concepts that help clarify and therefore commit to your ultimate purpose for being.

For more information on Soul Coaching, see our Facebook “Wisdom Revealed” page.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes you need a partner who is a good listener, non-judgmental and can provide ideas and tools to create the professional life you want. We work with top level executives and leaders in the corporate and public benefit sector who want their work life to be more than hustling from meeting to meeting and not feeling they are in control of their lives or making the impact they want.

We usually work in sets of coaching hours from a minimum of 3 hours up to many months. These can be in person or virtual. Scheduling is at your convenience.

Let's talk and see how we can support your dreams!

“Amari is a remarkable leader with a special personality that has created highly successful consulting engagements for my senior staff and me at Transland. She has been masterful in a very sensitive way to bring my team along a pathway of organizational development and organizational health that created immediate culture improvements. Her group facilitation, one on one coaching of executives, and communication cadence suggestions have impacted our company success in many ways. I highly recommended you talk to Amari about improving your organization’s culture or health.”
— Mark Walker, Chairman and CEO at Transland