25 Things Awesome Board Members Do

I love sharing ideas and information from others, especially if there is a bit of humor and whimsy. The Nonprofit: Awesomely Fun website (www.nonprofitaf.com) is full of practical important information yet delivered lightly.

I really like a recent blog on what 25 things awesome board members do because I run across these issues with every client I have. Truly. 

It’s a quick read and lots of good ideas to discuss at your next Board meeting. Maybe turn it into a quick assessment and have all board members take as well as senior staff. See how close or away you are. Need help ~ happy to assist.

Here are a few ideas my clients wish would happen and a link to get the rest.

Promptly respond to emails. Oh please, oh please respond quickly to emails and phone calls. Awesome board members realize that sometimes we legally cannot move forward on stuff until there’s a board decision or an officer’s signature. They help us do our jobs by being accessible. Chasing down board members is one of the biggest frustrations we staff face, next to coworkers who leave dishes in the sink for days.

Fill their table at the gala. Galas are stressful enough. Awesome board members know that and work to fill their tables early. The Great Unicorn of Equity and Social Justice blesses all board members who fill their tables with minimum cajoling, haranguing, threats, and bribes.

Stay in their lane and focus on the big important stuff. Awesome board members understand the differences between their roles and the roles of the staff, and they stick to their roles. Unless the board is a working board, they do their board stuff and avoid micromanaging staff on operations and programs. They use their brain and energy on strategies and policies, not on ridiculous small things. They do not care why the toilet paper line item increased from $15 this month to $22, or argue with staff about what font to use on promotional materials.

Here is the link for the remaining 22.