Why is clarity so important?

When I started my business, people asked, “So, what’s different about your consulting and coaching?

I responded, “I help bring clarity out of chaos.”

A special shout out to my friend Paula S. for actually synthesizing what I do into a catchy tagline…and it so describes my approach.

Most people and organizations do not decide to engage a consultant or coach because everything is running smoothly. Something is amiss: Lack of direction, HR issues, they’re stuck where they are, and the list goes on. You know that place. My intention from the beginning has been to help my client get super clear about what they really want. I mean REALLY want. After that, the rest falls into place around planning and executing. This clarity became extremely clear to me on a recent flight that had mechanical problems over the ocean and had to return to San Jose.

The replacement generator that had already delayed my flight to Honolulu by two hours was broken. The pilot said we must return to San Jose. The plane had too much fuel, and we needed to burn off the excess before we could land safely. So, we proceeded to circle over the Pacific Ocean for three hours. I eventually made it to Honolulu the following day.

This kind of event is when my belief in Divine order and Divine planning is tested. What was most important to me became crystal clear during this uncertain situation. Had I said “I love you” to my husband before I left that morning? I started to feel guilty that I hadn’t talked with my 88-year- old father in awhile. I wondered if I had any healthy snacks to last me. I wondered, “If this plane goes down in the ocean, have I lived my life the best that it could be?” And the answer was “mostly.”

I have been blessed over the past 4.5 years of owning my business to have worked with some incredible clients on their organizational issues and some others on personal desires. I have been told that our work together mattered and helped. This makes my heart sing.

But, “mostly” is not good enough in my book. And it shouldn’t be in yours.

An old saying – he died with the music still in him – breaks my heart. We have this one life to give our unique talent in the world. Maybe you know what it is and maybe you’re not sure. I encourage you to get clear about what that is and do it! Don’t wait for a scary, out of your control, situation be the time to ask, “Am I clear about what’s most important to me?” And equally important, “Am I behaving in ways that honors those priorities?”

I am clear that my purpose for this life is to inspire, love and support others as they re-discover their Divine Wisdom within. I am also clear that my family and health are very important to me. Anything else are distractions.