What have you harvested so far this year?

Part of the magic of the Fall Equinox is the balance of night and day.  Both equal at this time of year.  It is in this balance time where we can pause and reflect on the bounty so far.  It’s a powerful time to rebalance, restore and refocus your energy.

Has this year brought you all that you hoped for? Did all the seeds you planted at the beginning of the year ripen as expected?  Were you moving so fast that you didn't notice that some places in your life needed nurturing?  No worries...here are some easy and powerful ideas to get you back in balance.

First release any guilt about not bringing to fruition all that you had hoped for this year.  Guilt is a creativity killer. It is not the best motivator – truly. So instead, let’s do a quick check-in and set intentions for the remaining three months of the year.  Here are some ideas for you from Christine Ayrlo of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

  1. Restore and rebalance. Become conscious about what your body is telling you needs attention, so you don’t run yourself ragged and fall over in a heap on December 31. When you take a power pause and listen to your body, you get guidance about what to proactively adjust in your day-to-day life. This rebalancing will help you stay devoted to your well-being as you move into the fall and the holidays, so you can complete the year with a full tank.

  2. Reflect and receive. Look back at the year thus far and see all you have done and become. One of the biggest reasons we feel overwhelmed and continue to stay stuck in the patterns of overworking, overdoing, and burning out, is because we don’t pause long enough to really receive what has happened. When you don't truly get what you have already done or become, you just keep pressuring yourself to do and be more. But when you pause to reflect on what has occurred, you stop making your choices from a place of stress.

  3. Refocus. Get clear on what matters and where to focus your life force for the remainder of the year. Just as in a field of vegetables, if you only have so many resources to give and you try to water everything, nothing really thrives. Yes, there are many things you could do during the last three months of the year, and many you want to do, but what really matters most? What will yield the highest returns, and the most nourishing harvest?

The beautiful Queen of Autumn….

The beautiful Queen of Autumn….