Is it time for a big change?

You know the adage – change is hard. I have definitely found that to be true with my organizational as well as individual clients, except when you have clarity and commitment to the change. The clarity part is particularly important because we sometimes move forward with the change with only a partial idea of what it takes or means. Like when you know it’s time to change jobs, but you have not done the internal reflection work to know what is it exactly you want in a new position. You just know it’s too toxic to stay any longer.

Here are some reflection questions you may want to ask yourself:

1) What have I learned about what is important to me in my current job?
2) What are non-negotiables for the new position?
3) How do I want to feel when I am fully authentic in my new role?

My coaching practice is grounded in helping with clarity and then commitment. I would be honored to help you find that clarity with a special time-limited coaching program consisting of three hours of coaching, practical exercises and a nature-based final session. Go to the Coaching for Life and Organizational transitions section of the website for more details.

Want information about what’s my next step? Let’s talk. (408) 466-0604

Want information about what’s my next step? Let’s talk. or     (408) 466- 0604