Bringing in the Year of the Pig

Bring in the Year of the Pig on February 5th with some great Feng Shui suggestions taken from

Experts offer a few Feng Shui tips that you should take into consideration on Chinese New Year’s Eve to attract luck and to bring harmony and balance in your life:

1. Prepare a festive dinner and invite your friends.

2. 2019 WEALTH BOWL – place a glass or ceramic bowl (with coins) next to your house door. Every time you have loose change, place them in the Wealth Bowl to symbolically accumulate wealth.

3. At midnight, open the doors and windows for 10 minutes, so the passing year can let in the new coming year.

4. 2019 TREASURE VASE – Before the beginning of the New Chinese Year, it is recommended to make a Treasure Vase that will increase your wealth. Place the Wealth Vase in the center of your house where Star 8 resides during the Earth Pig Year. You can also decorate the vase with red ribbons.


 5. Don’t lend money on New Year’s Eve because you will lose money all year round.

6. At midnight, a common practice is the “Flags of wishes” ritual: write down 9 wishes on rectangular pieces of paper and hang them in a tree or taller plant, outside (in the garden or on the deck); carried by the wind, it is said they will reach the sky faster and they will get fulfilled during that respective year.

 7. If you have a fish tank, the lucky number of fishes in 2019 is 8: for example, 7 reddish goldfishes and 1 blackfish. The reddish fishes symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and the yang energy. The purpose of the blackfish is to absorb the negative energy from your house.

 8. Cakes and other types of homemade sweets are not missing from the New Year Eve’s meal, Pig shaped cookies are ideal for attracting luck, prosperity, happiness, and good health in 2019.

 9. The first day of the New Year must find you organized, so it is indicated to clean before the New Year.

 10. These are the “lucky” fruits you must have on the table on New Year’s Eve: pineapples, round fruits for endless prosperity, oranges for gold, grapes hanging on windows and door jambs, mango for strong family ties, and lemon to remove the negative vibes.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 8.45.10 PM.png

 11. Your color preferences will reflect the love and peace you desire. It’s actually our own energy that translates in the color we choose. Traditionally, the lucky color to wear on this day (for attracting peace and love) it’s red. Red, orange, and yellow are all warm colors. Warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.

 12. The entire house needs to be cleaned before the arrival of the New Year. On New Year’s Eve all the brooms, brushes, dust rags etc. are put aside. People don’t sweep or dust on New Year’s Day because it is considered as also sweeping the good fortune away.

13. “Tray of Togetherness” – a tray filled with 8 types of snacks. We can place in it: pecan nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, peach kernels, plums, apricots, walnuts, and small ingots, but sweets can also be placed in the tray.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 8.48.23 PM.png

All these symbolize abundance and prosperity. You can serve the guests or even give such a tray (dish) as a gift.

14. Purifying the house energy – Burning sandalwood incense, filling some bowls with safflower water and ringing a Tibetan bell on New Year are customary. During this time, it is recommended to say prayers or mantras, which will positively change the energy of your home.

Happy New Year of the Earth Pig 2019!