Alaska – Native teachings for the Future

This blog is delayed a week because I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to Alaska.  

Whenever I go somewhere new I try to open myself to the wisdom and messages of the local nature, residents and serendipity moments.  I believe that the Universe is trying to communicate to us all the time but we are too busy in our mad dash world to get the messages.  When we travel, the normal distractions (like laundry, meetings, traffic) are not there and we can be more open and receptive.

So, what did Alaska have to teach me that may be helpful to you?

We are all connected.  We are all one.  No matter where we live.  This became so evident when we visited Sitka, Alaska – the home of the Tlingit Native peoples.  They have been here for thousands of years and for a few decades were scattered when the Russians invaded.

My indigenous roots come from the Mapuche tribe of Chile.  As I visited special centers and museums, I saw pictures of Tlingit that looked just like my ancestors.  What was more common is our love and commitment to family and caring for the earth. Does your family heritage and lineage have a commitment to family and the earth? I bet it does.

So how does believing that we are all one have an impact on the way we live our lives and lead our organizations?  Here are few thoughts for you.  

*If I stand strong, so can you.  If you stand peacefully, so can I.  We can learn from each other easily if we release the illusions of separateness.

*Seeing poverty in our communities can stir a desire to get involved and see what solutions we can contribute.  A hungry child is a hungry child ~ no matter the circumstances or location.

*Yes – organizations compete AND they can collaborate if they stay focused on the ultimate vision.  Working together for the common good.

The Tlingit people were kind, friendly and great dancers – just like me. : )

tlingit sistas.jpg

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