Year of the Pig check in...

From the Chinese New Year back in February, how’s the Year of the Pig going for you? Here are some key points shared six month ago. Let’s take a few minutes to reflect...

Lots of prosperity and success coming in this year that is helped along with hard work. Isn't it always the case?
Prosperity can come in many forms not just financial… How about your relationships – are they feeling abundant? Has your health gotten better? Have new opportunities come your way? If any of these or others are true, then the Pig has been your friend. And... I bet the hard work was there too. Relationship abundance takes intention and attention. They don’t grow on their own. Making a commitment to better health also requires hard work and making the time. And new opportunities? As Roman philosopher Seneca said – Luck is when preparation (hard work) meets opportunity.

Honesty, generosity, kindness and responsibility as well. This world could use more of all of these.
In this world filled with so much chaos, fear, anger and lack of responsibility… I hope you have been the light that is needed. Telling the truth, lending a hand, giving from your heart and being accountable. Not always easy but essential for all of us.

The Earth Pig also symbolizes determination and perseverance during hard times.
Staying grounded in your spiritual practice will help you persevere. Limiting your distractions will help you stay focused and determined. Just a few ideas to ponder…connect with the Earth Pig and make the rest of the year your happiest, most peaceful and successful year ever!

p.s. Get ready – the year of the Metal Rat is coming on January 25, 2020. It will be a year of new beginnings! New opportunities, love, and money. Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for all the natives. Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This is a great year for founding and evolving. (from