Summer Solstice 2019 ~ 28 day Soul Coaching Program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be crystal clear about your next step in life? To step forward into that authentic place where your beautiful Soul Essence can shine. If you have dreamed about and hungered for that ability - the time is now to do the Soul Coaching® 28-Day Program.

What is Soul Coaching®?

The aim of Soul Coaching® is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. It helps you to clear away inner and outer "clutter" so you can hear the messages from your Soul. It also helps you to discover your true purpose so you can design a life that supports and empowers you. 

The 28-Day Program is a transformative journey divided into four one-week periods plus a bonus Nature’s Calling Quest to connect you with nature and your guides. Each week is dedicated to one of the Four Elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth and focuses on detoxifying the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

Who would be interested?

This program is for anyone who is seeking peace, joy and clarity in their lives. It is especially valuable for those going through a transition of any sort – Thinking of retiring? Job change or loss? Moving? Needing to make a change in your relationship? Dear one has passed? It can also benefit anyone who wants to tune up an already pretty fabulous life.

Who is the Soul Coach®?

Amari Thomas is an Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner, one of a select group of people worldwide personally trained by internationally-known healer, teacher and author, Denise Linn. Amari is the founder of Wisdom Revealed, a spirit-based personal development coaching and training organization. She is a member of the Mapuche, indigenous tribe of Chile lineage and has over 20 years of experience as an executive in corporations, nonprofits, consulting and personal development. She has found that improving your skills, expanding your knowledge and goal setting only goes so far. Having access to your Soul’s Truth brings it all together.

What is included?

This 28-Day Program can meet your needs no matter how much time you have available. It is Guilt-Free! As with anything in life, the more committed you are to changing your life, the bigger the results. You will receive:

  • On the phone virtual group coaching sessions - (5) 1.5hr phone conference – 6:00-7:30p PST

  • One 75 minute Soul Journey session on the phone or in person with Amari Thomas. A Soul Journey is a session that includes a guided meditation to help you connect with your Soul guides, animal spirits, ancestors and other spiritual allies that want you to live a more peaceful and abundant life. You will be able to ask specific questions to get clarity about what's next.

  • Nature’s Calling Quest (half day nature silent hike, sacred circle and closing ceremony)

  • Program book "Soul Coaching - 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self” by Denise Linn - founder of the International Soul Coaching Institute. This guidebook includes daily affirmations, exercises, and additional information about how to access your Soul messages.

  • Daily audio clips (mp3) from Denise Linn. Each clip is from 8-12 minutes long and provides a brief guided meditation and an overview of that day’s purpose and activities.

When does this start?

Close to the Summer Solstice 2019 – Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 - 6:00p -7:30p PST – launch the virtual group calls.

All other Group coaching calls will be on successive Tuesdays - 6/25, 7/2, 7/9 and 7/15 (Mon) (remember – no guilt if you cannot attend all sessions) Calls are recorded and available any time.

Nature’s Calling Quest: Friday, July 26th– 8:00a – 12:30p – Santa Cruz mountains – in person 

How much does this cost? Consider this an investment in yourself of $499 plus $50 materials fee. You deserve to have peace, clarity and joy that connecting to your Soul’s Truth will bring you. 

Early bird 5% discount if registered by May 27th.  Final registration deadline is June 3rd. Space is limited to enhance the group interaction and connectedness.

Have any questions or ready to sign up?

Please contact Amari at (408) 466- 0604 or at

This program will take you from BLAH to AH-HA! I am still in awe at what I have learned thanks to this process with Amari. She leads you gently, compassionately, and guilt-free yet with force and power to uncover what you did not know you needed to know and do. You will have skills, insight, and confidence to move forward even if you can only do a little each day. What joy and energy I felt doing this!
— Jenny Q.
“The Soul Coaching® program as offered by Amari Thomas was literally a god-send for me. I had been feeling off track and out of touch with my spiritual side and needed some structure and support to reconnect. Amari not only generously shared her own experiences, a host of fabulously useful materials, and an effective (but no guilt!) structure for this journey, she shared her gentle spirit. I would recommend this to anyone.”
— Mary H./San Jose, Ca
“I believe the introspection and soul-searching nature of the courses is fulfilling a need we have for connecting with one another and with our inner/higher selves. I think you are particularly good at teaching this course. You have a nurturing loving nature and a down-to- earth attitude that makes people feel safe, inspired, motivated, and at ease.”
— Ivonne M./San Jose, Ca
I recently participated in the 28-day Fall Equinox Soul Coaching session. I entered into the session being very open and not specifying a specific focus of my life (e.g., personal, relationship, career). By the end of the 28 days, I learned lessons, uncovered aspects, and awaken areas of me that will help me to continue to evolve. This was all done under the respectful, insightful, safe, and genuine guidance of Amari. As an interactive, systems learner, I appreciated receiving resources and tools (manual, journal, recorded lessons) that helped with setting a guided framework for the sessions. We engaged in both individual and group exercises that re-enforced what we learned. I felt very comfortable being open as well as supported in the group sessions. The one-on-one session with Amari was valuable to go deeper. Most importantly, there was continuous re-enforcement that whatever level we took part for each lesson was possible without any self-blame or guilt. This culminated in a Nature’s Quest in the Santa Cruz mountains, which I found very moving. I definitely have the tools to confidently undertake my next 28-day journey on my own. However, I look forward to participating in future check-ins and classes with Amari for re-enforcement and continuous development.
— Mary G.